Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What did you eat today?

On random nights, before we fell asleep, I used to ask one of my college roommates Amy everything she ate that particular day. She played along from the top bunk (God bless her) and listed off what she ate. Then I would go.

At that time, I think I was reading Cosmopolitan magazine (or something similar) and had come across an article on 'Tips for Losing Weight.' Keeping a journal of your daily eats was a 'tip.' It was supposed to show just how much extra snacking you were doing, etc. And wasn't that everyone's goal in college? To be ultra skinny? I fit in things then that I still have - but can't believe I once got into. Back then I felt fat, huge. Never satisfied, I suppose.

Listing it out loud, I felt like a freakin' piggie.

I still try to think about it at the end of each day. Did I do good or bad?

Here's what I ate/drank today:
A piece of peanut butter (reduced fat/all-nautural) and jelly (sugar free) whole wheat toast.

Grilled chicken wrap from Sonic with light ranch.

2 Diet Sunkists (Bought one, two came out!)

Walnuts and Raisins
Light string cheese

Brown rice with peas (on a budget this week - and already spent $ on lunch)

Dessert/After dinner snack:
Low carb vanilla yogurt with oatmeal, almonds, and ground flax seed.

Late, late night snack:
One small slice of pork tenderloin
One piece of whole wheat toast with whipped cream cheese.

Not bad. You can tell I got hungy when I got home from work half past midnight, though.
Clearly, I'm trying to eat healthy. Otherwise this list would have on it "piece of giant cookie" - which was sitting on my counter when I got home taunting me. I didn't eat it! That was a huge test.. and I passed. Not cool, though. We can't have that stuff just laying around. It's dangerous.
Definitely trying to detox a bit after the Memorial Day crap I ate over the weekend.
So that's it Amy, we can go to sleep now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


There once was a lady named Justine. Justine lived in Myrtle Beach and was a big fan of NewsChannel 15. She liked to come by on Thursdays to sit back in the weather center during the 6pm and 7pm shows to just watch Ed do weather.

She was sort of a lonely woman. She was in her late 60's, I believe. She had kids, but was estranged from, what I'm told, three out of four of them. The daughter she did speak with just had a baby - Justine was very excited about this. Justine didn't have family in the Myrtle Beach; I believe she was from the Boston area. She liked to visit our station to talk and ask everyone how they were. She always brought by cookies. The kind from Food Lion with the icing on top. She had really strong perfume. It nauseated some folks in the building. But, I'm sure my Nana had the same kind, so when others were putting up a big fuss I was taking some kind of comfort in the strong grandmotherly smell.

We found out last week that Justine passed away in her sleep. The coroner said natural causes. She had several routines - like coming to the station. Then on Friday nights she would go dancing with a big group of people. One of those people called the station late Friday night trying to figure out where she was.. she didn't show up for dancing. I asked my assistant news director to explain to this person what happened - I didn't have it in me to do it. This woman, it seemed like was outside of the nightclub waiting on her friend, Justine.

Justine was a nice part of the NewsChannel 15 family. She'll be remembered for the perfume she wore - we knew she was in the building before she came to say hello. But she just wanted to have someone to visit. I can sit here and try to figure out why she was estranged from the majority of her children, but when it comes down it - she was a nice lady who meant well. And I appreciate that and never really got to tell her.

Her grandbaby will never have that chance to recall memories of her - when scents of her childhood fill the room.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does this make me a Trekkie?

Ahhh - dicted. I cannot stop talking about this movie. I've found myself Googling images of old characters to see how the new guys match them and Netflixing all things Star Trek.

Wasn't expected this at all. Very few movies get me inspired like this.

The first five minutes of the movie, they clearly tried their hardest to hook in the 'on-the-fence devoted wives/girlfriends' who weren't expecting much. And boy did they. Before the words Star Trek went up - I was in tears. That's right.. crying during Star Trek. Doesn't mean I'm going to get Star Trek checks or anything, but I really want to see the movies now.

A few words about the main character of this movie - Chris Pine - who plays Capt. James T. Kirk in this flick: He's sooo the new Brad Pitt. You know.. before Angelina and dozens of kids. Just charming. He is to me, what that Twilight guy is to all the 'tweens' (and a few nameless grown friends of mine.)

And Spok. He's so mysterious. I want him to crack a smile. Does he ever smile? He's half human.. he HAS to at one point. C'mon Spok -- lose it, just once.

If I had a kid, I would so be getting Spok ears/wig for Halloween. Maybe I still will.

In conclusion: Star Trek. What have I been missing?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Square Inch

This is what I call our little 'square inch.' It's our two-story townhouse. I love it. We've been living here since January.

It's very narrow.. and in some places you have to bend your body accordingly to get around.

But it's ours. This is our home. It's our first home together and it works out well for entertaining, even though there's a serious lack of places to sit in the living area. And we have hard wood floors, so the normal floor-sitters can't even pop a squat in a comfortable manner. So it works better if we have people over for food.. that way everyone can gather 'round the island in the kitchen and eat, drink and be merry.

It's something that we stumbled on. I've never noticed these before. It actually looks like something that doesn't belong in Myrtle Beach - but Virigina, DC, or Connecticut as I imagine it.

-The Kitchen-

This is our kitchen. Lots of cabinet space and stainless steel appliances. Just delightful! We love to cook at home. This place just screams a nice decadent meal with a lot of wine. Cheese -- some sort of cheese plate to get us started.

- The Dinning Room -

Here's our dinning room. The only time we've ever used it is when I had my family over for dinner. There were so many of us.. we spilled over into the area. It's right when when you walk in.. and away from the action (TV) so we rarely eat there.

- The Living Room -

This is where we spend the majority of our time when we both manage to off time together. It's very small and when our landlord showed it to us, I said "THIS is the living area?" We actually had to get rid of our recycliner. It's probably a good thing - it was passed down to me and made out of, what looked like cordoroy.

- The Courtyard -

This is our courtyard. It's the area between the garage (the door you see there takes you to the garage) and the back door that comes off the side of the living room. That black thing you see there is our smoker! Jimmy's pride and joy. This area is also good for our nicotine-loving friends.

So that's the tour. Downstairs, anyways. Upstairs it's just two awkwardly shaped bedrooms. Not as exciting. The sun shines so damn bright in our bedroom. When I forget to put the eye mask on, I regret it.

Our neighbors are fun to watch. A lot of "stay at home moms..." that drive Cadillacs and dress their children like dolls. Very similar to Wisteria Lane. They talk about getting together 'some time' and have blonde hair and oh I wish I could tivo it. We so don't belong over there. We spent Valentine's Day at Cici's pizza. I mean, c'mon!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Typing Thoughts Here

I hate really long e-mails and the same goes for blogs. That is, unless it warrants. Which sometimes.. it will.

Why blog you ask? I'll tell you why. My Facebook friends may get sick of the constant status updates I feel like sending, but actually write and erase. And I need a place I can be random, witty, dark, curious - and start sentences with "And."

And, I type all day. I type things IN ALL CAPS.. LIKE THIS - SUITABLE FOR A TELEPROMTER.

It's always news copy.. it's always critsized and changed by someone. I need some 'me' typing time.

Wow. Now I don't know what to write. :-/ Blog fright, I suppose.

I'm hoping along the way something of interest will happen that I can include.

If not, that's okay. Isn't Seinfeld based on a show about 'nothing'? Nine seasons that show pushed through. Giddy up.
Would you look at that? My first blog is almost long.

Nix that opener sentence. Long is blogs, right?

(Pictured at top: Me and James Walter Moore, Jr. - my beloved boyfriend. Many call him Jimmy.. many call him other things. He looks drunk. Don't think he is. It's rare to come across a picture where we both look good - together - at that moment.)

PS) Craving pineapple. Doesn't that sound good?