Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Don't Like Kids?

These days, I'm on Twitter much more than Facebook, feels like. I get headlines faster, I get reaction to headlines faster, and I can find out what all of my Hollywood favorites are up, with one check of my Blackberry.

I still think it's very cool to follow a celebrity on Twitter. You get raw thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There's no other way to get a live feed of random thoughts that pop into say, Demi Moore's head. And a million of her other fans feel the same.

I follow a ton of news organizations, columnists, anchors, reporters, drummers, singers, actors, producers, writers, photographers - you name it. Recently, as I've become utterly obessed with Cosmo Radio on the Sirus satelitte radio that I cannot live without on my commute to work, I've been following my favorite radio talk show hosts that I've come to know and love.

Well, so I thought.

When you let someone into your car everyday for 30 minutes on the way to work, and 30 minutes on the way home, you find out what time certain shows come on, and you learn tons about the voices affiliated with those shows. I even thought about what their faces should look like in my brain, and after a few Google image searches, turns out I was way off.

So. Without sounding like a borderline stalker-listener, I've gotten to know, and grown to love several hosts. I follow them on Twitter, fan them on Facebook and when they say something that makes me laugh, find myself saying "Ah, that's so you, Taylor!" .. or whomever is chatting about top topics that day. I feel like I should know these people. I feel like they should be following ME on Twitter. I feel like we should all be friends. The end.


When are you following one of said radio hosts on the ole Twitter network, and one of them makes a comment that they.. "Don't like kids."

You don't LIKE kids?

Okay. Keep in mind I follow a lot of republicans, foul-mouthed folks, contrarians, etc. So I hear things that I disagree with all the time. It's a part of the whole reaction-to-world-events that makes Twitter so charming.

I don't know why this comment soured me, it just did. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I even work in a business where we welcome ALL opinions. All sides to every story. But just like that, feel animosity towards this host now. I was already on the fence with some of the judgey-comments she makes and the incredibly high-horse she sits on as she hosts one of my favorite shows.

Howevs, this comment. You don't like kids. YOU DON'T LIKE KIDS?

I remember when one of my friends always said she never wanted kids because she didn't like them. Now, she has a very cute orange-headed little angel. :) Granted, she gets irked at almost every other munchkin that's not hers, but still. She went from not liking kids when we were teenagers, to having one. So it's okay. It's okay to be a teenager and not like kids. When you are over 30 and "don't like kids" it means they annoy you, and you are selfish. It means you are too good to recognize the innocence, playfulness, and wholesomeness - and joy little ones add to certain aspects of your life.

AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE A KID. I just happen to love them. Very much.

As I look at the wonderful little humans my friends are raising, I can't help but wonder what they are going to be. What they are going to do when they get older. How they are going to influence this world. How they are going to lead this in this world. And how, they are going to want to make such a huge difference, that they will do just that.

When are you are over 30 and sit on your judgey high-horse saying you don't like kids, It makes me want to swim through the airwaves that I pay so much $ for, and punch you in the face. So insensitive. Honest, but incredibly insensitive. Especially when a ton of your viewers have, and adore their own kids.

These so called kids you don't like, could one day save your life. Could one day change the world you still live in.

If you want to be a public figure, fine. Great. Just be cautious of the 1,455 people who chose to follow you on Twitter and the way they lead their lives. The majority of them, with kids, I imagine.

You might piss one of them off with an off -the-cuff comment, which will then ineviatably move your magic Twitter number down to 1,454.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Tweeting Idiot

So, I sent out a NCAA March Madness-related tweet today.

It came down as an "AP Urgent" at work, and I got caught up in the excitement. And it was less than 140 characters.. and... I just sent it out.

But I don't really care about basketball. That is, unless I'm in a newsroom that does brackets. But I'm not, currently. So I immediately regretted sending it.

The stupid tweet wasn't even about local teams. It was about freaking Kansas. I've never been to Kansas. I don't think anyone in family has ever been to Kansas.

I wanted to take-back-tweet. But that's not a real-life option.

It's not like I was going to follow-up with any other b-ball tweets.. I had no clue what I was talking about.

And as the "Selection Show" continued.. people started tweeting tons about the "selections" and what have you. Then I realized I was in over my head. I had no idea what they were talking about.


fredontv (WSPA Anchor/Former Sportscaster) Tweets: "How do they take non-balanced conference sked into account when all conferences keep growing 12-16 teams? Let's just dump non-league games."

Wh? Wha? What?

What the HECK does that mean?

I tweeted out of my league today.

Feeling like a tweediot.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I wanted to write..

I wanted to write a blog about how bitter I am at the world right now.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about how some people suck ass so freaking bad. And how the anger gets more and more pent up with each passing day.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about how I want to scream, and punch and spit and kick.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about the rain, and how cozy it makes one's living room and how it just doesn't help the mood swings.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about work. And my frustrations and fears.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about my future. Marriage. Kids. Life and death.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about how, 28 years in, and everyday, I'm still unhappy with my body.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about how unfair it is that I'm going to have to miss out on some major family events this year, because of my job and this business.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog defending myself. Defending my actions. Saying: I'm not wrong! I'm not the bad guy.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog telling my dearest friends how a lot of times I think about how I should've called, or should've asked more about things they are going through.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a blog about how sad I am. How much faith I've lost in people. And how I know it will all change when the sun comes out again.

But I won't.

I wanted to write a deep, dark, depressing blog.

But I won't.